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Some 3C74 Cosmology Lectures (Dr Linda Smith, UCL) - PDF files

Incomplete note set

Old MSci Cosmology lectures

ASTM 108 Cosmology notes and problems (Dr. James Lidsey, QMUL)

Old 3C48 Relativity lecture notes (M. Berger, UCL)

Books: S. WEINBERG, Gravitation and Cosmology
Introduction to Tensor Calculus (Dr. J. Alexandre, KCL)

Relativistic Astrophysics notes and old exams (Dr. A. Polnarev, QMUL)

Sample Exams with some solutions:

Useful Physical Constants - Word document

Extra research papers:

  • A Dying Universe : The Long Term Fate and Evolution of Astrophysical Objects - Adams, Laughlin
  • Phantom Energy and Cosmic Doomsday - Caldwell, Weinberg, et al.
  • The Origin of Density Fluctuations in a Cyclic Universe - Steinhardt and Turok
  • 1st Year WMAP Parameters - Spergel, Verde, Peiris, et al.

    Please note: This is NOT an official course website. These lecture notes are for reference purposes only. The lectures were originally offered as part of the University of London Astronomy/ Astrophysics MSci degree in previous years.